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What we do

Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A) – we consult both buy-side or sell-side client on identifying the right partner/investor, develop information memoranda and teaser, develop financial model, company/project valuation (fair opinion), develop investment marketing strategy, market the target/asset (company, project, real estate) among the right segment in the investment community, shortlist the potential targets/investors and negotiate deal terms, due diligence support, communications with parties involved, closing the deal.

Asset Management – we provide asset management service to high net worth individuals (HNWI) or institutional investors through two models: investment vehicle or discretional account. In both ways, our professional team invests the raised capital according to a specifically developed by us and approved by the client investment strategy and risk management strategy. Thus, clients can invest in lucrative investment opportunities that we can create and/or have access to. We have a hands-on approach and maintain and monitor the investments through their entire life cycle which allows us to identify potential risks at an early stage and mitigate them accordingly.

Fundraising – we link capital with investment opportunities. Operating on the private equity and venture capital arena we fundraise capital for lucrative investment projects or companies through the global investment community. We can consult client on business strategy, risk management strategy, marketing planning, developing investment documentation - business plan, financial model, information memoranda, private placement memoranda, teaser, company/project valuation, feasibility study. We create investment strategy on each case and target the right investors’ segment. We structure the deal, negotiate term sheet, negotiate sales and purchase agreement.

Business consulting – for startups and investment projects, we can consult clients on producing business strategy, pricing, sales planning, marketing strategy, and risk management strategy.
Turnaround management – for companies, that are in a distressed situation, special situation, or simply confronting hard times, we can help them get back on the upward trend by analyzing the current situation, identifying the problem(s), developing a crisis-exit strategy, action plan, budgeting the activities, applying the measures.
Risk management – we provide risk management service – identifying the risks, assess the risks, developing a risk management strategy, applying the strategy, risk monitoring.


In order to meet our clients’ needs we have set up a separate sister company – VHM Project Ltd., for engineering consulting, engineering, project management and technology equipment delivery. Thus we create “a one stop shop solution” for project developers or investors by providing them with both investment advisory and engineering consulting services.

Project Management – We provide clients with project management service on various investment projects – energy, infrastructure, real estate, industrial, etc. With our in-house engineers we can take on both small and large investment projects.
We have experts with engineering, legal and financial expertise and we provide clients with project management service for various investment projects – real estate developments, construction of energy projects and infrastructure. We can handle both small size and large, complex projects managing the project from A to Z, from its conceptualization, up until getting the site into operation. With us, clients have a strong partner who can meet deadlines, deliver within budget, control quality of works, manage project risks, etc. Thus, the successful implementation of a project is a question of time, not a chance.    

Engineering – We provide engineering services from conceptualization and front-end design to back-end design. We have experienced engineering team with expertise in energy, infrastructure and industry. Our engineers have a track record in engineering or managing solar projects, substations, gas stations, hydro power plant, biogas and biomass power plants, infrastructure, hydro infrastructure, water treatment plant, waste recycling plant, etc.

Engineering consulting – we mobilize our engineering expertise in energy sector and infrastructure to add value to investment projects in related areas from the very beginning where we can conceptualize, assess various technology options, chose technology provider, conduct feasibility study, and solve various problems which may occur during project development and construction phases.

Procurement (technology equipment) – we work with bankable world-class technology equipment producers and we can deliver their products and implement into your investment project (solar modules, gas co-generators, gas turbines, wind turbines, LED, software, etc.)