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Ultra thin single decorative stone (marble & onyx) tile plate company

VHM Capital has been mandated for consulting and fundraising up to EUR 1.5 million for innovative stone tile maufacturing startup based in Bulgaria with novel proprietary stone processing technology. Funding is structurured in III phases with total size of EUR 6.8 million:
Round I: Up to EUR 1.5 million, financed by equity.
Round II: EUR 2.75 million, financed by EUR 1.4 million equity and EUR 1.4 million mezzanine (convirtable debt).
Round III: EUR 4.1 million, financed by own equity and bank loan which will also refinance the mezzanine of Round II. 
Project IRR: 33%
NPV: 9.4 million

Gross margin: 54.1%

EBITDA margin: 45.4%


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