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Meeting between Bulgarian Biogas Association and Commission for Energy and Water Regulation

On 17th of March, 2017, a team of the Bulgarian Biogas Association conducted an official meeting with Commission for Energy and Water Regulation. On behalf of the Commission the meeting was attended by Eng. D-r Ivan Ivanov, Chairman of the Commission, and Mr. Alexandrov, Director of Department “Prices and licenses: electricity, highly efficient cogeneration, and on behalf of the Association meeting was attended by Mr. Vladimir Mirchev, Chairman of the Management Board of the Association, and Mr. George Kotzev, Member of the Management Board. The meeting went into a collaborative spirit. We presented our vision of development of biogas sector in Bulgaria in the light of the Paris Agreement (Climate Change Agreement), energy strategy of Republic of Bulgaria developed by the Parliament, and the policy of the European Commission in energy sector. Discussed were problems of the sector and their solutions. We encountered understanding and concrete actions to be taken soon were fixed. Mr. Vladimir Mirchev is also a Managing Director of VHM Capital.